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  • Breadcrumbs provide context and easy navigation. The Planner Contact information is within the Purchase Order Header which is within the Purchase Order.
  • Attribute vs Element In addition to attributes, some elements can also contain values. This is distinguished using the < and > symbols around the prompts. Language Code is an attribute while Name is an element.
  • Mandatory Fields Fields that are mandatory are brighter while those that are optional are fainter. Job Title is mandatory field while Language ID is optional.
  • Tree The 1-to-1 relationships are resolved all the way to the leaf element and presented as a tree. Planner Contact contains one Name element which further contains sub elements. The elements can be expanded and collapsed for easy interpretation of their relationship.
  • Tabs Tabs at the bottom of the form provide 1-to-many relationships. The Planner Contact information can contain multiple ID, Responsiblity and Communication information. The 1-to-many relationship is represented using the master-detail pattern with a table below that contains one record with summary information of the child. The ID child elements table contains ID, Schema ID, Schema Name and other fields.
  • Types Possible data types for an element are displayed next to the element. Planner Contact is a semantic contact type or contact type which is extends semantic contact type.
  • Choice Any choice of data is presented by listing all the choices. Either Basis Amount or Basis Quantity can be entered. Further, when the choice elements are mandatory, it is indicated using a '*' symbol.
  • Grouping Element When an element is present for the sole purpose of explicitly capturing a list of another element, it is resolved and presented as a 1-to-many relationship at the higher level. The Tax Jurisdiction Codes element has nothing but a list of Codes and hence the codes are directly shown as 1-to-many relationship of the Distributed Tax.
  • More Info ... A 1-to-1 child itself can have 1-to-many children. The child's information is not completely displayed in the tree. In that case, the symbol '...' is displayed next to the name of the element. The Distributed Tax has a single Calculation child. However, the Calculation information contains children that are 1-to-many.

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