E-Gov OMB E-Gov OMB root
-<Part Four>
-<Egov Oversight>*
-<Partner Stakeholder Table>* ...
-<Partner Capital Asset Table>* ...
-<Partner Funding Strategy Table>* ...
<Conduct Alternative Analysis>* <Alternative Analysis Date>
<Planned Alternative Analysis Completion Date>
<No Alternative Analysis Explanation>
-<Alternative Table>* ...
<Alternative Chosen>*
<Qualitative Benefits>*
-<Quantitative Benefit Table>* ...
-<Risk Inventory Assessment Steady State E Gov>*
<Risk Plan>* <Risk Plan Date>
<Change To Risk Plan>
<Change To Risk Plan Description>
<Develop Risk Plan> <Risk Plan Completion Date>
<No Risk Plan Explanation>
-<Project Funding Plan E Gov>*
<EVM Used>* <Standard748 Software>
<Plan To Implement EVM>
<Operational Analysis Results>
<Planned Value>* <Earned Value>*
<Actual Cost Of Work Performed>* <Agency Or Contractor>*
<EVMS As Of Date>* <Schedule Performance Index>*
<Schedule Variance>* <Cost Performance Index>*
<Cost Variance>* <Variance Greater>*
<Variance Index>
<Reason For Variance>
<Variance Corrective Actions>
<Estimated At Completion>* <Change To Baseline>*
<Omb Approved Baseline>
-<Baseline Table E Gov>* ...

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