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-<Get Account Response>
<Timestamp> <Ack>
<Correlation ID> <Message>
<Version> <Build>
<Notification Event Name>
-<Duplicate Invocation Details>
<Duplicate Invocation ID> <Status>
<Invocation Tracking ID>
<Recipient User ID> <EIAS Token>
<Notification Signature> <Hard Expiration Warning>
-<Bot Block>
<Bot Block Token> <Bot Block Url>
<Bot Block Audio Url>
<Account ID>
-<Account Summary> ...
<Account State>
<Invoice Payment> Currency ID*
<Invoice Credit> Currency ID*
<Invoice New Fee> Currency ID*
<Amount Past Due> Currency ID*
<Bank Account Info> <Bank Modify Date>
<Billing Cycle Date> <Credit Card Expiration>
<Credit Card Info> <Credit Card Modify Date>
<Current Balance> Currency ID*
<Invoice Balance> Currency ID*
<Invoice Date>
<Last Amount Paid> Currency ID*
<Last Payment Date> <Past Due>YesNo
<Payment Method>
-<Pagination Result>
<Total Number Of Pages> <Total Number Of Entries>
<Has More Entries>YesNo <Entries Per Page>
<Page Number>
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