GS1 GDSN GS1 basicPartyRegistration BMS (Business Message Standard)
-<Basic Party Registration>
Last Update Date Creation Date Time*
Document Status*
-<Content Version>
<Version Identification>*
-<Document Structure Version>
<Version Identification>*
<Transmitting Data Pool>* <Party Data Pool>*
-<Registry Party>*
<Is Party Active>*YesNo
-<Registry Party Information>* ...
-<Registry Party Name And Address>* ...
-<Country Code>*
<Country ISO Code>*
<Name>* <PO Box Number>
<Postal Code> <Secondary Government Area>
<Street Address One> <Street Address Two>
-<Information Provider Of Party>* ...
-<Basic Party Registration Identification>*
<Unique Creator Identification>*
-<Content Owner>* ...
-<Extension> ...
Process Capability Information


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