GS1 GDSN GS1 catalogueItemNotification BMS (Business Message Standard)
-<Catalogue Item Notification>
Last Update Date Creation Date Time*
Document Status* Is Reload*YesNo
-<Content Version>
<Version Identification>*
-<Document Structure Version>
<Version Identification>*
-<Catalogue Item>* ...
-<Catalogue Item State>*
State* Discontinue Date
Cancel Date
-<Trade Item>*
<Trade Item Unit Descriptor>*
-<Trade Item Identification>* ...
-<Replaced Trade Item Identification> ...
-<Next Lower Level Trade Item Information> ...
<Quantity Of Children>* <Total Quantity Of Next Lower Level Trade Item>*
-<Trade Item Information>* ...
-<Information Provider Of Trade Item>*
-<Information Provider>* ...
<Name Of Information Provider>*
-<Classification Category Code> ...
<Classification Category Code>*
<Classification Category Definition>
<Classification Category Name>
-<Trade Item Description Information>* ...
<Brand Name>*
-<Description Short> ...
-<Functional Name>* ...
-<Invoice Name> ...
<Product Range> <Sub Brand>
<Trade Item Group Identification Code>
-<Trade Item Group Identification Description> ...
<Link To External Description>
-<Trading Partner Neutral Trade Item Information>* ...
-<Trade Item Unit Indicator>*
<Is Trade Item A Base Unit>*YesNo <Is Trade Item A Consumer Unit>*YesNo
<Is Trade Item A Despatch Unit>*YesNo <Is Trade Item An Invoice Unit>*YesNo
<Is Trade Item An Orderable Unit>*YesNo <Is Trade Item A Variable Unit>*YesNo
<Price By Measure Type> <Variable Trade Item Type>
-<Brand Owner Of Trade Item>
-<Brand Owner>* ...
<Name Of Brand Owner>*
-<Material Safety Data>
<Material Safety Data Sheet Number>*
-<Organic Trade Item Characteristics> ...
<Organic Trade Item Code>*
-<Packaging Marking>* ...
<Is Packaging Marked Returnable>*YesNo <Is Packaging Marked With Ingredients>YesNo
<Offer On Pack> <Packaging Marked Recyclable Scheme>
-<Price On Trade Item>
-<Retail Price On Trade Item>*
-<Currency Code>*
<Currency ISO Code>*
<Price Amount>*
-<Trade Item Coupon>
<Coupon Family Code>*
-<Trade Item Date Information>
<Effective Date>* <Last Change Date Time>*
<Publication Date>* <Start Availability Date Time>*
<Canceled Date> <Consumer Availability Date Time>
<Discontinued Date> <End Availability Date Time>
<End Date Maximum Buying Quantity> <End Date Minimum Buying Quantity>
<End Date Time Of Exclusivity> <First Order Date>
<First Ship Date> <Last Order Date>
<Last Ship Date> <Start Date Maximum Buying Quantity>
<Start Date Minimum Buying Quantity>
-<Trade Item Handling Information> ...
<Minimum Trade Item Lifespan From Time Of Arrival> <Stacking Factor>
-<Stacking Weight Maximum> ...
<Minimum Trade Item Lifespan From Time Of Production>
-<Trade Item Hierarchy>
<Quantity Of Complete Layers Contained In A Trade Item> <Quantity Of Layers Per Pallet>
<Quantity Of Trade Items Contained In A Complete Layer> <Quantity Of Trade Items Per Pallet>
<Quantity Of Trade Items Per Pallet Layer> <Quantity Of Inner Pack>
<Quantity Of Next Level Trade Item Within Inner Pack>
-<Trade Item Marking>*
<Has Batch Number>YesNo <Is Non Sold Trade Item Returnable>YesNo
<Is Trade Item Marked As Recyclable>YesNo
-<Trade Item Measurements>* ...
-<Depth>* ...
-<Gross Weight> ...
-<Height>* ...
<Is Net Content Declaration Indicated>YesNo
-<Width>* ...
-<Diameter> ...
-<Drained Weight> ...
<Generic Ingredient>
-<Generic Ingredient Strength> ...
<Ingredient Strength>
-<Net Content> ...
-<Net Weight> ...
<Price Comparison Content Type>
-<Price Comparison Measurement> ...
-<Trade Item Composition Width> ...
-<Trade Item Order Information>
-<Ordering Lead Time> ...
<Order Quantity Maximum> <Order Quantity Minimum>
<Order Quantity Multiple>
-<Order Sizing Factor> ...
<Agreed Minimum Buying Quantity> <Agreed Maximum Buying Quantity>
<First Delivery Date Time> <Is Trade Item Reorderable>YesNo
<Is Trade Item Size Based Pricing>YesNo
-<Goods Pick Up Lead Time> ...
-<Trade Item Pallet Information>
<Pallet Type Code> <Pallet Terms And Conditions>
-<Catalogue Price>
<Effective Start Date>* <Effective End Date>
-<Trade Item Price>*
-<Currency Code>*
<Currency ISO Code>*
-<Suggested Retail Price>
<Effective Start Date>* <Effective End Date>
-<Trade Item Price>*
-<Currency Code>*
<Currency ISO Code>*
-<Trade Item Tax Information> ...
Add:*(Trade Item Tax Amount or Trade Item Tax Rate)
-<Trade Item Temperature Information>
-<Delivery To Distribution Center Temperature Maximum> ...
-<Delivery To Distribution Center Temperature Minimum> ...
-<Delivery To Market Temperature Maximum> ...
-<Delivery To Market Temperature Minimum> ...
-<Storage Handling Temperature Maximum> ...
-<Storage Handling Temperature Minimum> ...
-<Storage Handling Humidity Maximum> ...
-<Storage Handling Humidity Minimum> ...
-<Marketing Information> ...
<Campaign End Date>
-<Campaign Name>
<Language ISO Code>*
<Campaign Start Date>
-<Trade Item Marketing Message>
<Language ISO Code>*
<Long Text>*
-<Non Package Trade Item Dimension> ...
<Size Group>
-<Ordering And Selling Unit Of Measure>
<Ordering Unit Of Measure> <Selling Unit Of Measure>
-<Season> ...
<Seasonal Availability End Date> <Seasonal Availability Start Date>
-<Security Tag Information>
<Security Tag Location> <Security Tag Type>
-<Target Consumer>
-<Target Consumer Age>
<Language ISO Code>*
<Target Consumer Gender>
-<Trade Item Finish>
-<Trade Item Finish Description>
<Language ISO Code>*
-<Trade Item Material>
-<Material Weight>
Unit Of Measure*
-<Thread Count>
<Language ISO Code>*
-<Extension> ...
<Data Recipient> <Source Data Pool>
-<Catalogue Item Notification Identification>*
<Unique Creator Identification>*
-<Content Owner>* ...
-<Extension> ...

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