GS1 GDSN GS1 officeSuppliesTradeItemExtension BMS (Business Message Standard)
-<Office Supplies Trade Item Extension>
<Is Assembly Required>*YesNo <Is Product Customizable>*YesNo
<Is Trade Item A Non Functioning Display Unit>*YesNo <Is Trade Item Direct Shippable>*YesNo
<Is Trade Item Shipped In Multiple Containers>*YesNo <Is Trade Item Recalled>*YesNo
<Return Goods Policy>* <Model Number>
-<Trade Item Recycling Content>
<Post Consumer Recycled Material Content>* <Total Recyclable Content>*
-<Trade Item Components>* ...
<Is Radio Frequency ID On Packaging>*YesNo <Total Number Of Components>
-<Primary Alternate Trade Item> ...
-<Warranty Information>
<Url For Warranty>
-<Warranty Description> ...
-<FMCG Trade Item Identification>
<Value>* <Type>*
-<Out Of Box Information>
-<Depth>* ...
-<Height>* ...
-<Width>* ...
-<Assembled For Display Dimensions>
-<Depth>* ...
-<Height>* ...
-<Width>* ...
-<Extension> ...
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