HR-XML HR-XML StockOptionGrant
-<Stock Option Grant>?
Valid From Valid To
Version ID Language Code
-<Participant Name> ...
Script Valid From
Valid To Version ID
<Formatted Name> <Legal Name>
<Preferred Given Name> <Middle Name>
<Restricted Stock Option Indicator>?YesNo <Repurchasable Shares Indicator>?YesNo
<Shares Granted Quantity>? Unit Code?
<Shares Accepted Quantity>? Unit Code?
<Grant Price>? Currency ID*?
<Fair Market Value>? Currency ID*?
-<Blackout Period Details>
<Start Date>? <End Date>?
-<Description> Type Code
Language Code
-<User Area>? ...
Document ID GroupGrant Type CodeParticipant IDVesting DetailsExercisability DetailsComment


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