opentravel opentravel OTA_CruisePriceBookingRQ
-<OTA Cruise Price Booking RQ>?
Echo Token?
Time Stamp? Target?
Version*? Transaction Identifier?
Sequence Nmbr? Transaction Status Code?
Primary Lang ID? Alt Lang ID?
Retransmission Indicator?YesNo
-<Sailing Info>?* ...
-<Selected Sailing>?
Start? Duration?
End? Status?
Ports Of Call Quantity? List Of Sailing Description Code?
Voyage ID?
-<Cruise Line>?
Vendor Code? Vendor Name?
Ship Code? Ship Name?
Vendor Code Context?
Region Code? Region Name?
Sub Region Code? Sub Region Name?
-<Departure Port>? Location Code?
Code Context? Embarkation Time
-<Arrival Port>? Location Code?
Code Context? Debarkation Date Time
-<Inclusive Package Option>?
Cruise Package Code? Inclusive Indicator?YesNo
Start? Duration?
Currency Code? Decimal Places?
-<Reservation Info>?* ...
-<Guest Details>?* ...
-<Linked Bookings>? ...
-<Payment Options>? ...
-<Cancellation Penalty>?
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