PayPal PayPal Web Services SetMobileCheckoutReq
-<Set Mobile Checkout Req>
-<Set Mobile Checkout Request>* ...
<Error Language> <Version>*
-<Set Mobile Checkout Request Details>*
-<Buyer Phone>
<Country Code> <Phone Number>
<Item Amount>* Currency ID*
<Tax> Currency ID*
<Shipping> Currency ID*
<Item Name>* <Item Number>
<Custom> <Invoice ID>
<Return URL>* <Cancel URL>
<Address Display Options> <Share Phone>
-<Ship To Address>
<Name> <Street1>
<Street2> <City Name>
<State Or Province> <Country>
<Country Name> <Phone>
<Postal Code> <Address ID>
<Address Owner> <External Address ID>
<International Name> <International State And City>
<International Street> <Address Status>
<Buyer Email>

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