PIDX PIDX FieldTicketResponse
-<Field Ticket Response>
Transaction Purpose Indicator* Version
-<Field Ticket Response Properties>* ...
<Field Ticket Response Number>* <Field Ticket Response Date>*
-<Field Ticket Information>*
<Field Ticket Number>* <Field Ticket Date>
<Revision Number>
<Approver Name> <Approval Date>
<Revision Number>
-<Purchase Order Information>
<Purchase Order Number>* <Purchase Order Issued Date>
<Purchase Order Type Code> <Release Number>
<Sales Order Number> <Revision Number>
<Purchase Order Line Item Number>
-<Primary Currency>
<Currency Code>*
-<Second Currency>
<Currency Code>*
<Language Code>
-<Job Location Information> ...
<Job Location Class Code> <Job Location Description>
<Job Location Status>
-<Well Information> ...
<Well Name> <Well Type>
<Well Category>
<Job Site Category>
-<Address Information> ...
<PO Box Number> <Building House Number>
<Street Name> <City Name>
<State Province> <Postal Code>
-<Postal Country>
<Country Code>*
<County Name> <Location Identifier>
<Street Direction> <Region Name>
<Location Code> Code List Name
-<Geographical Information>
<Field Name> <Section>*
<Township>* <Range>*
<Block Name> <OCSG Number>
<State Lease>
-<GPS Coordinates>
<Latitude>* <Longitude>*
-<Country Of Origin>
<Country Code>*
-<Country Of Final Destination>
<Country Code>*
-<Transport Information> ...
Stage Identifier
<Shipment Method Of Payment>* <Routing Sequence Code>
<Transport Method Code> <Shipment Terms Code>
<Routing> <Service Level Code>
-<Hazardous Materials> ...
Add:*(Special Handling Code or Hazardous Material Description)
<Carrier Equipment Code> <Transport Name>
<Transport Method> Code List Name
-<Payment Terms>
<Payment Terms Of Sale> <Description>
<Payment Terms Basis Date Code> <Payment Terms Basis Date>
<Terms Net Days> <Percent Of Invoice Payable>
-<Discounts> ...
<Days Due>* <Discounts Due Date>*
Add:(Days Due or Discounts Due Date)
<Percent Discount>
-<Discount Amount>
<Monetary Amount>* <Currency Code>
-<Deferred Amount>
<Monetary Amount>* <Currency Code>
<Deferred Due Date> <Percent Deferred Payable>
-<Field Ticket Response Summary>* ...
<Total Line Items>*
-<Field Ticket Total>
<Monetary Amount>* <Currency Code>
-<Terms Discount Amount>
<Monetary Amount>* <Currency Code>
-<Discounted Amount Due>
<Monetary Amount>* <Currency Code>
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